• Graduation ceremony for students of the University of Sharjah for spring 2017

  • Graduation ceremony for students of medical colleges and health sciences at the University of Sharjah

  • Graduation ceremony of the second batch of graduate students at the University of Sharjah

  • Admission for the Fall Semester 2017/2018

  • Registration Instructions

  • Professional Diploma in Teaching

  • Sharjah 1st International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

  • The launch of the ideas and innovation Box

  • Art History and Museum Studies Program

Upload Document
Student ID  
First Name and Last Name  
Student Unique Code  
Personal Photo  
Note: Please refer to the IAESTE Photo Guidelines attachment.
Resume or Portfolio  
Format: PDF only Note: 1 – 3 pages max. This can be updated in the Nomination Stage.
Architecture students can have their Portfolios online with the link in their CV/Resume.
Passport Copy  
Format: PDF only Note: Only passport pages with your photo and expiry date,
 do not include residence visa page.
Guardian letter
Format: PDF only Note: For female applicants only,
please download the IAESTE Guardian Letter template.
 Attachment name: IAESTE Guardian Letter Template.
Recommendation letter 1
Format: PDF only Note: Preferably from your professors or course instructors.
Recommendation letter 2
Format: PDF only Note: The second letter is optional.
Official academic transcripts
Format: PDF only (with color) Note: Get this after you get your Fall Semester grades.
Extra documents