• Sustainability in Operations and Maintenance Management: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Pleasure of Learning for People with Disabilities Symposium

  • 2nd Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Economy

  • “Abdea” Award

  • Sharjah 1st International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

  • Pharmacy student's counseling competition 2017

  • Art History and Museum Studies Program

  • The launch of the ideas and innovation Box

  • Professional Diploma in Teaching

International Training (IAESTE) Jobs
Offer NumberCountrySpecializationJob Status
GR-2017-EL34-T Greece Electrical, Computer Sci, Computer Eng. Apply
TR-2017-026-ITU Turkey Biotechnology Apply
JP-2017-I5 Japan (COBE) Electrical Apply
JP-2017-E4 Japan (COBE) Mechanical, Electrical Apply
AT-2017-5008LZ Austria (COBE) Energy, Mechanical, Environmental Closed
TR-2017-052-ITU Turkey Architecture Apply
TR-2017-055-ITU Turkey Civil Apply
OM-2017-77 Oman Civil Apply
CH-2017-000087 Switzerland IT Apply
RS-2017-1167 Serbia Electrical, Renewable Energy Closed
OM-2017-76 Oman Architecture Apply
PT-2017-35 Portugal Industrial Closed
RO-2017-AIT-02 Romania IT Apply
RS-2017-1181 Serbia Electrical Closed
RS-2017-1143 Serbia Mechanical, Industrial, Mateial Sc. Closed
PK-2017-RE-126 Pakistan Energy Apply
PL-2017-AGH003 Poland Electrical, Computer Sc., Physics Closed
PL-2017-ZUT012 Poland Biology, Biotechnology Apply
PT-2017-38 Portugal Industrial Closed
NO-2017-000011 Norway Electrical Closed
DE-2017-1107-2 Germany Electrical Closed
GH-2017-0154 Ghana Renewable Energy Apply
IN-2017-3501-KU India Physics, Chemistry Closed
IN-2017-3502-KU India Renewable Energy Closed
DE-2017-1219-1 Germany IT, Electrical, Computer Sc. Closed
DE-2017-1016-2 Germany IT, Computer Sc. Closed
DE-2017-1107-5 Germany Electrical Closed
DE-2017-2015-2 Germany Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Eng., IT Closed
DE-2017-1071-2 Germany Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Sc. Closed
DE-2017-10054-1 Germany Mechanical Closed
CZ-2017-010030 Czech Republic IT, Physics Closed
CZ-2017-040009 Czech Republic Electrical, IT, Mechanical Closed
CY2017716A Cyprus IT Closed
CN-2017-XYM-A03 China Mechanical, Other Closed
BR-2017-1409SP Brazil Chemistry, Electrical, Mechanical Closed
AT-2017-6020VI Austria Electrical , Mechatronics Closed