• Orientation day for new students

  • A range of on-site facilities including banking, telecommunication, food courts, student centers & sport centers

  • Offers modern state of the Art facilities for study & research in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences

  • The joint Sharjah - Lubeck PhD program in Molecular Medicine

  • 2nd Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Economy

  • 3rd International Conference on Arab’s and Muslim’s History of Science

  • Sharjah 1st International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

International Training (IAESTE) Jobs
Offer NumberCountrySpecializationJob Status
ES-2017-009011 Spain Business Closed
TR-2017-038-ITU Turkey (FCFS) Electrical Closed
GR-2017-IT24-A Greece (COBE) Electrical, IT Closed
TR-2017-145-ODTU Turkey (FCFS) Biotechnology Closed
TR-2017-036-ITU Turkey (FCFS) Architecture Closed
TR-2017-007-KGM Turkey (FCFS) Civil Closed
TR-2017-134-MEF Turkey (FCFS) Industrial, IT Closed
TR-2017-240-GED Turkey (FCFS) Electrical, IT Closed
TR-2017-177-YIL Turkey (FCFS) Mechanical Closed
TR-2017-100-KAR Turkey (FCFS) Electrical Closed
TR-2017-009-KGM Turkey (FCFS) Civil Closed
JP-2017-54-UTK Japan Electrical Closed
TR-2017-048-ITU Turkey (COBE) Industrial, Mechanical Closed
TR-2017-046-ITU Turkey (COBE) Industrial, Mechanical Closed
TN-2017-8003-GD Tunisia (COBE) Graphic Design Closed
AT-2017-6027VI Austria (COBE) Electrical Closed
AT-2017-1015BO Austria (COBE) Biotechnology, Chemistry, IT Closed
CH-2017-000114 Switzerland (FCFS) Electrical, Computer Sci, Physics Closed
CH-2017-000113 Switzerland (FCFS) Electrical, Computer Sci Closed
CH-2017-000056 Switzerland (FCFS) Architecture Closed
GR-2017-EL34-T Greece Electrical, Computer Sci, Computer Eng. Closed
TR-2017-026-ITU Turkey Biotechnology Closed
JP-2017-I5 Japan (COBE) Electrical Closed
JP-2017-E4 Japan (COBE) Mechanical, Electrical Closed
AT-2017-5008LZ Austria (COBE) Energy, Mechanical, Environmental Closed
TR-2017-052-ITU Turkey Architecture Closed
TR-2017-055-ITU Turkey Civil Closed
OM-2017-77 Oman Civil Closed
CH-2017-000087 Switzerland IT Closed
RS-2017-1167 Serbia Electrical, Renewable Energy Closed
OM-2017-76 Oman Architecture Closed
PT-2017-35 Portugal Industrial Closed
RO-2017-AIT-02 Romania IT Closed
RS-2017-1181 Serbia Electrical Closed
RS-2017-1143 Serbia Mechanical, Industrial, Mateial Sc. Closed
PK-2017-RE-126 Pakistan Energy Closed
PL-2017-AGH003 Poland Electrical, Computer Sc., Physics Closed
PL-2017-ZUT012 Poland Biology, Biotechnology Closed
PT-2017-38 Portugal Industrial Closed
NO-2017-000011 Norway Electrical Closed