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IAESTE Application Process

Update: We are closed for IAESTE 2019.

Welcome to the IAESTE application process. Please ensure that you meet the eligiblity criteria before proceeding with the application.

Stage 1 is the Online Registration. Please ensure that the information filled in is correct and precise. 

To access Stage 2, you will require to make a payment of AED 300.00 (non refundable and inclusive of VAT). Once the payment is done, you will receive a unique code via the email that you registered. Use the unique code to upload the documents. Ensure that the documents uploaded are of good and clear quality and abide the format required. All the documents' information (templates, format, etc) are all available in stage 2. With the unique code, you may update your documents from time to time. You may also make the payment online. If you opt for this option, we suggest that you send us the screenshot of the payment to so that we can approve you.

Update: We are now open for those on the waiting list. Please come by our office to make the necessary payment.

For stage 3, you may apply for the offers by using the unique code to upload the cover letter and nomination form.

The 3 types of offers:

1) AC (Annual Conference) offer: exclusive for IAESTE UAE only
2) COBE (Continous Online Based Exchange) offer: exchanged with other countries and will only close once all the countries submitted their nomination
3) FCFS (First Come First Served) offer: exchnaged with other countries and will close once the employer comes across the best applicant.

Click here to know more.  Click here for Motivation Letter Tips.   

1. Application Stage

2. Submission Stage

3. Nomination Stage