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The Business Services Department was established to provide high quality and excellent services for all colleges, departments, centers and units of the university.

The Department aims at ensuring excellence in providing their services for the colleges and departments. It also aims at improving the procedures followed in processing the transactions in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we are keen on working as a team to provide the university with excellent services to support its development in a professional manner.

Our main concern is to provide quality services that contribute to the advancement of scholarly work at the university. We offer excellent services as per the duties assigned to us by the university and provide necessary support relevant to such services. We are also aware of developing the performance of the different divisions and simplifying the procedures followed by the divisions in order to keep abreast of continuous developments. 



Prominence in providing services.



Organizing and simplifying the procedures followed by the Department in order to promote the quality of services provided to the departments and colleges.


- Providing a safe environment on the campus.
- Supporting​ academic progress.
- Providing quality and timely services in a transparent manner.
- Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction
- Providing access to online services in an accurate and secure manner. 


Our Units:

Security and Safety Unit

Transportation Unit

Mail Office