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Visitor Students

Visiting students:

Enrolled students from other universities may apply to take courses at UoS during the summer period as non-credit courses based on the following conditions:

  1. To be granted admission in this category, a student must submit an application and a letter of approval from her/his home university with a list of courses he/she is allowed to take.
  2. Once admitted, the visiting student may register for the agreed courses only after payment of the tuition fees which are non-refundable.
  3. During the semester, if UoS chooses to cancel a course in which the student is enrolled, student's registration in that course will be automatically dropped and the visiting student receives a refund.
  4. Visiting students are allowed to register for the courses after submitting an application and paying the courses fees (non-refundable
  5. A visiting student may reserve for a housing at UoS upon the availability of vacancies after paying the required fees.  
  6. The University is not responsible for the visiting students who couldn't register for the courses for any reasons.
  7. Students wishing to study as visiting students in Fall or Spring Semesters may submit their request to the Admissions Department. However, their acceptance is only confirmed after the approval of the University's chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • Note : Students that are not enrolled in any academic institution may apply to take courses at UoS as visitor students without being granted an academic degree based on the approval of University's chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs .

Exchange students

  • Students from other institutions are allowed to take courses at UoS based on a cooperation agreement between the UoS and another academic institution within a period specified by the agreement without granting them any academic degree. Students of University of Sharjah are also allowed to apply to take courses at another academic institution as an exchange students based on the cooperation agreement
  • Note: Students of special studies system will not be granted an academic degree from UoS.