Transfer Students
Requirement for Transfer for all programs except the Medicine and the Dentistry Colleges:
The University Admission Office accepts a students application to transfer from any other university accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, provided that the student fulfills the following conditions:
  1. The applicant should have successfully completed at least two semesters or one whole year in a recognized university and his/her academic average should not be less than 'Good' or 2.50 points out of 4.00 points.
  2. She/he should meet the universitys admission criteria and the special requirements of the college to which he/she is to transfer.
  3. Students transferring from other universities, community colleges or institutes of higher education shall not benefit from their academic record if they have discontinued their studies for a period of four regular semesters or more.
  4. There are available places in the college to which he/she is transferring.
  5. The university from which the student is transferring must require full-time attendance and the transferring student should not have been expelled from the University of Sharjah or any other educational institution for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  6. The College Council may, upon the recommendation of the Department, accept the transfer of credits for all or some of the courses that the student has completed successfully, on condition that his final grade in any of them is not less than (C+).
  7. Grades or averages that a student has received in the accepted courses for transfer will not be counted while calculating the students CGPA at the University.
  8. No credit for courses taken by a new student at the University shall count if he/she has already taken them at another university, community college, or institute of higher education from which he/she has obtained a certificate.
  9. The maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred from another recognized university within the framework of the study plan applicable to the student at the University of Sharjah shall not exceed 60 credit hours in all Colleges except the Colleges of Engineering, Health Sciences and Pharmacy where the maximum number shall not exceed 70 credit hours, noting that the transferred hours should not exceed 50% of the hours required to complete the degree requirements.