Placement Tests

Dear ne​w students,

The Results of examinations​ held on  21-22 August 2017:

            Click here to check students who passed Physics placement test       

 Click here to check students who passed Math placement test

Students should visit registration department on M11A on below dates to register their courses:

Wednesday 23\8                  Thursday 24\8     

Note: Students will not allowed to register their courses before completing the required documents and paying the tuition fees for the first semester.

 The Last and final examinations​ will be held on the 23 Aug 2017


(1)   Mobile phones are prohibited in the exam room.
(2)   Students have to adhere to the specified date, time and place of the exam.
(3)   Students must bring a calculator and their valid ID documents (Passport or UAE ID) and (HB) Pencil.
(4)   Students should bring their University I​D (U171XXXXX) and password that has been provided to them by the Admission Department via email. If you didnt recieve it please contact the Admission department in advance before Exam date.

Click here to view exams’ samples.​​