Online Admission

Admission for Spring Semester 2017/2018

Online Applications for the second semester (Spring 2017-2018) will be available on December 5th 2017 till January 4th 2018 for selected programs from the following colleges:

​College of Sharia & Islamic Studies​College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
​Colleges of Engineering​College of Sciences
​College of Business AdministrationCollege of Communication

Online Application steps:​

  1. Filling the online application and paying the application fees (click here to view the online application guide ).
  2. An email will be sent to you within 3​ to 7 working days and the necessary procedures will be taken based on the application status.
  3. Students nominated for acceptance will have to pay the seat reservation fees for their desired program within the period stated in the email .These fees are non-refundable if the student withdraws or does not enroll in the University, and are applied toward tuition fees if the student enrolls in his/her program. .
  4. After completing the seat reservation process, the student must visit the admission department to complete the required documents which include submitting the attested copy of the high school certificates, colored personal photos , IETLS or TOEFL original certificates, if available and any additional documents requested by the admission department. To view university buildings map, Kindly click here .

    Note: Students will not be issued an ID card or be allowed to register courses unless they have submitted all the required documents).

  5. Taking the English language test, the admission tests in college of communication or Mathematics and Physics placement test in college of Engineering as required by the colleges .​

  6. Registering the academic schedule in the assigned period (To view the Academic Calendar for Spring semester 2017/2018 click here ).