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Admission Test
​​​English Language Proficiency Test 

Upon admission to UoS and prior to course registration, all students admitted to UoS (new, transfer and bridging) must demonstrate a level of English proficiency consistent with the requirement of their college. Students can choose one of the alternative exams listed below for proof of proficiency.


Diploma Programs that Require a Proof of English Language Proficiency Test                                               ​Test Type ​Required Score
​ ​English Medium Majors:

* Administrative and Financial Sciences – Accounting

*Administrative and Financial Sciences – Business Administration

* Information Technology

* Library and Information Systems

​Paper-Based TOEFL (the exam offered by UoS only ) ​500
​International TOEFL (IBT) ​61
​IELTS (General or Academic) ​5.0
​EmSAT 1400 
(Students obtained scores below 1400 will be registered in Listening-Speaking skills course)
​IESOL ​B1 (with all skills B1 or above)
​PTE(Academic) ​42
Arabic Medium Majors

* Human Resource Management

​Paper-Based TOEFL (the exam offered by UoS only ) 430
​International TOEFL (IBT) ​39
​IELTS (General or Academic) ​4.0
​​EmSAT 1075
​​IESOL ​B1 
​PTE(Academic) ​29 (Not applicable below)

Important Notes:

  • Students who obtained a score of (4.5) in the IELTS or (450) in the TOEFL test will be eligible to study the program courses during the first year, register for (12) credit hours in each semester, and study an intensive English course (3 credit hours), in order to obtain a score of (5.0) in the IELTS or (500) in the TOEFL before registering for the third semester, otherwise the student will be dismissed from the university.
  • Certificates older than two years are not accepted, and the university does not accept Paper-Based-TOEFL certificates from any other educational institute except from UoS.
  • Students who couldn't obtain the required score in any of the above listed English Proficiency tests, will be enrolled in an "Intensive English Program" course, in which their English level will be determined by the Languages Institute at UoS.
  • Students must submit the original English language proficiency certificate to the Languages Institute at UoS for verification and approval .
  • The UoS reserves the right to require students to attend an interview in the Languages ​​Institute. Students may be required to take a further in-house test to ensure their scores are consistent with their English Language proficiency.