Admission Test
English Language Proficiency Requirements:
Student (New or Transfer) applying to an English language medium program in the Community College must provide proof of English language proficiency as detailed below.
  1. Take the English Placement test (Institutional TOEFL) administered at the UoS after paying the exam fee and obtain a score of 500 or higher.
  2. Submit evidence that he/she had taken a recognized English proficiency test and attained a minimum score as follows: International TOEFL test with a score of (500) on the Paper-based (PBT), (173) on the Computer-based test (CBT), or (61) on the Internet-based test (IBT) or band (5.0) on the Academic IELTS test.
  • International TOEFL or Academic IELTS certificates older than two years are not accepted, and the University does not accept any other English Language proficiency certificates from any other educational institution.
  • The certificates shall be authenticated by the English Language Center at UoS. Recipients of an IBT certificate shall attend an interview by representatives of the English Language Center.
  • If a student presents a certificate from outside the University and the score attained does not represent his/her true level of English, the University reserves the right to subject the student to an English language proficiency test at the University to determine his/her English language level.
  • Students who attain a score (500) or above in the TOEFL test or its equivalent are eligible to study at colleges directly.
  • Students who fail to attain a minimum score of (500) on the UoS TOEFL exam, (5.0) on the Academic IELTS exam must join the Intensive English Program (IEP). The IEP consists of four levels: Foundation 1– Preparation 4. IEP students receive 20-25 hours per week of class instruction.
  • Students scoring less than (5.0) on any IELTS skill must take the IEP courses that are relevant to that skill. 
  • Students who had tested and scored (4.5) on the IELTS or (450) on the TOEFL tests may be admitted to the Diploma program in the Community College as first year students and take (12) credit hours in each regular semester in addition to (3) credit hours of intensive English under condition that they retake the exam and attain a score of (5.0) on the IELTS or (500) on the TOEFL tests within a year of admittance, otherwise they will be suspended from the University.