Vision, Mission & Goals
Convert the department in to electronic Department, integral , safe, and high-quality through applying the latest Systems that matches international standards in all electronic services that are related to admission, documents , files and graduates certificates and services related to continuance student.

Presenting electronic services with high quality and excellent for students, Universities and related institutions, by following the latest techniques and systems, which contributes to build a strong reputation for the University, promote the university's programs, attract outstanding students both locally and internationally, maintain privacy and security for students and graduates records, and to provide an accurate and high quality database.

Goals and Objectives:
 The goals and objectives of the Admission department include:
  • Improve the efficiency in work performance through Electronic studied plan to speed and implement accuracy in all stages related to new students admission, document & record archiving and issuing graduation certificates. 
  • Implement competition to attract and accept outstanding students.
  • Update Admission policy at the University.
  • Enhance the operational efficiency of the staff and maintain the excellence of performance and quality of the services provided.
  • Improve and develop the quality of the electronic services that assist providing high quality services and exchanging the data in accurate and effective way.
  • Implement the Electronic Archiving solution.