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The Admissions Department was established during the academic year 2010/2011 upon a decision of his highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, member of the supreme council and ruler of Sharjah, to be an independent and specialized department. It’s one of the five services and support entities of the Deanship of Academic Support Services at the University of Sharjah, and considered the gateway through which students pass to enter the academic life from the point of applying to join the University until receiving their academic degrees.

The Admissions Department interact greatly with the steady increase of the students, and the development of the university since its establishment. It works to develop itself in quantity and quality and activate its sections in the main branch, Medical Colleges as well as the branches in Khorfakkan, Kalba, Dhaid and Community College branch.


The Admissions Department has created an administrative structure that includes three main sections: the Admissions, Document Control and Graduation Certificates, and Student Service Office section.

Admission Section

It is responsible for all the admission procedures, guiding the students, guardians and respond to their inquiries, distributing admission guide brochures, ensure the applicants has met the admission requirements and bylaws, receiving the online applications, provide the students with the required information about the admission, announcing the acceptance of the new students, updating and archiving their documents electronically and applying the admission policy for all the university programs for the Bachelor and Diploma degrees provided by the university and in which it corresponds with the decisions of the Ministry of Education.

Document Control and Graduation Certificate Section

It is responsible for securing students and graduates file, archiving the students documents, preparing university ID cards for the new and enrolled students, issuing graduation certificates and adding the “Smart Chip” to them in which it contains all the personal and academic documents of the student. Also, it uploads the graduate’s personal information on the website of the Ministry of Education which assist in confirming the authenticity of the documents, and facilitate the graduation certificate attestation. It prepares as well the graduation envelop that contains honorary and graduation certificates, academic transcript and excellence certificate for the outstanding students. In addition, it performs the clearance process for the graduates and withdrawal students from all concerned departments.

Students Service Office

It welcomes the students and guardians, respond to their inquiries, reply on the department’s emails and phone calls, and organize the admission, registration and finance process, guide the students to apply for the required services electronically and assisting other departments.


  • Receive the admission applications, and accepting the students applying for their desired programs in the various colleges of the University for the Diploma and Bachelor degrees.
  •  Apply the admission policies and procedures that are declared by the university administration, decisions and instructions from the Ministry of Education.
  • Apply the advanced electronic services for updating the admission procedures.
  • Aims to attract outstanding students academically and behaviorally. 
  • Communicate and coordinate with the University's colleges and departments in addition to the governmental and private institutions and relevant Universities to provide the best services for the students.
  • Participate in educational exhibitions locally and internationally to promote for the university's programs and inform the students about the admission requirements and bylaws.
  • Prepare the University ID cards for the enrolled students.
  • Organize and maintain the student files during their academic studies, and update their personal information.
  • Issuing and certifying the documents and certificates for the graduates.
  • Guide the students and guardians, and respond to their enquiries.


  • Transmission from the manual application to the online application system for the programs of the Diploma and Bachelor degrees.
  • Attract outstanding students academically and behaviorally and provide them with the best services to guarantee their admission for the desired program, thus increasing the distinction level in the university.
  • Applying the competitive admission which contributed to the increment in the admission averages.
  • Applying the "Online Clearance System" for the graduates and withdrawing students in which the system is connected to the system of all the University's departments.
  • Implementing the "Smart Chip System" for graduation certificates to assure the quality and security of the certificates, and facilitate the attestation procedure from the Ministry of Education.
  • Uploading all of the graduates information and documents on the Ministry of Higher Education website.
  • Applying "Electronic Archiving System" for the student documents.
  • Upgrading the security level of the graduation certificates by adding new security features that are compatible with international standards.
  • Holding meetings with different universities and related organizations to share and exchange the latest experiences regarding the admission and graduations certificates.
  • Establishing "Social Media Committee" for direct communication with enrolled students, graduates, future students and any enquirers about the admission in UoS on instagram, facebook, twitter and UoS Admission email.
  • Hosting the Arab ACRAO 35th Annual Conference at University of Sharjah, where the Admissions Department participated in organization of the conference.
  • Participating in various local and international conferences, educational exhibitions and community events of higher education institutions related to the admission functions.  
  • Participating in the graduation ceremonies.
  • Participating in the community activities (Emirati breakfast, flag day, martyr day, national day, distinguished employee, Deanship of the Academic Support Services ceremony, and various events held inside and outside the university).
  • Participating in the 36th Arab ACRAO Annual Conference, and presented "The Effect of Technology in Developing the Admission Procedure in UoS" worksheet.
  • Participating in the international conferences, community activities and exhibitions related to the higher education.