Participation in Abu Dhabi Najah Exhibition 2017

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 25 OCT 20179 AM

The University of Sharjah participated in "Najah International 2017" from 25th till 27th of October 2017.

The exhibition was inaugurated by his Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, and embraced 160 international universities from 20 countries, in addition to various national higher educational institutes, and the number of the visitors reached around 16000 along the exhibition period.


The University presented an inclusive overview about the offered programs in Bachelor, Diploma, Master and Doctorate degrees. Students and guardians had the opportunity to meet with the university specialists of the Admissions, EMAG and Public Relation Department to obtain all the information related to the admission and offered academic programs. This enabled to view the university's vision to students and guardians, who in return showed their impression and admiration to the services and the outstanding educational programs.




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