Director's Welcome
The Admission Department is the students first and last stop at the University of Sharjah, from the moment they join the university until the point they graduate. It is directly concerned with students' acceptances to the various colleges and BA and MA programs. We respond to students' inquiries, offer them many services, keep their records, and issue their graduation certificates. The student's first and last impression of the university is formed here at our department. We welcome the students and then we bid them farewell as they join the labor market. 

The Admission Department is connected to all the university community. It caters for students, parents, visitors, and faculty. It coordinates between the university's colleges, public institutions, private institutions, and many other concerned parties within and outside the UAE.

The Admission Department issues student acceptances based on adopted standards and regulations. It is a major source of information and statistics which enable the university's senior management to make​ major decisions.

We improve our services regularly in order to stay up-to-date, taking into consideration the substantial increase in the number of students joining the university. Our online services simplify and facilitate all relevant operations for students.

Aisha Bukhatir Al Shamsi
Admission Director