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The Bachelor of Science of Business Administration - Management Concentration program requires that a student complete 123 credits of course work and attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. The program consists of three categories as summarized below: University Requirements (UR), college requirements (CR) and program requirements (PR)


BS in Public Administration (123 Credits)
Mandatory Core Courses12482181
Electives Core Courses126927
Minor Courses --1515




  1. University Requirements

These are the courses that must be taken by all students at the University, regardless of their major. Descriptions are presented in the introductory pages of the College of Business Administration section in this Bulletin.

     II. College Requirements

Every student in the College of Business Administration – irrespective of specialization – is required to complete 60 credit of General Business courses 54 credit hours are Mandatory core courses and 6 credits core elective courses. These courses consist of foundation and skill courses required of all business students. Descriptions are presented in the introductory pages of the College of Business Administration section in this Bulletin.


The objectives of the Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration are:

  1. Design academic programs as platforms for further advancement of our graduates
  2. Hire and support responsive scholars/educators
  3. Attract aspirant students
  4. Develop a supportive intellectual, professional and learning environment
  5. Develop engaging intellectual and learning experiences
  6. Expand College-society initiatives by working closely with key stakeholders
  7. Reinforce the crafting of a distinctive College identity
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of main theories, frameworks, and concepts of public management.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of basic business laws and ethical standards.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of problem-solving techniques as they apply to public management issues.
  4. Gather and analyze relevant data and information.
  5. Apply problem-solving techniques to address public management issues.
  6. Communicate competently, orally and in writing
  7. Perform individual tasks independently to the expected level of competence.
  8. Work effectively in teams and take responsibility for own and coordinated performance.
  9. Gain real-work experience through internship.
  10. Behave ethically and show concern for the right of others.