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Program Requirements

Public Administration

The following are the lists of the mandatory and elective core courses of the Public Administration program.

  1. Mandatory Core Courses

Students in the public administration track are required to take the following 21 credit hours of mandatory courses listed below.


Course #Course TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0302280Introduction to Public Administration3None
0302360Human Resources Management30302160
0302380Introduction to Public Policy3None
0302381Emirates Governance30302280
0302382Electronic Governance30303130
0302480Public Budgeting and Finance30301252
0302482Public Program Evaluation30302280

*Equivalent  to (0302368) Introduction to Management Science


     B. Electives Core Courses

Each student who chooses public administration as his/her area of concentration must successfully complete 9 credit hours (three courses) from the following list of courses:

Course #Course TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0302262Organizational  Behavior30302160
0302383Business and Government30302160
0302384Management of Non-Profit Organizations30302160
0302385Project in Public Administration30302280
0302386Public Sector Marketing30302170
0302481Internship in Public Organization3Note1
0302483Development Management30302280
0302484Special Topics in Public Administration30302280
0302485Creative Strategies in Public Administration30302280
0302486Comparative Public Administration30302280
Note 1: Minimum 75 Credit Hours/ Department Approval